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[edit] Bitizens

If you would like to create your own bitizen avatar, visit NimbleBit's Bit Builder. Each time you load the page, a completely randomized character will be created, but you can customize everything from hair, clothes, costumes, etc.

If you would like to upload your bitizen to PocketTrainsWiki, please set the background to white, and save the file with the same name as your user name.

[edit] Signatures

If you would like to change your signature, to add your gift code for example, click on the Preferences link at the top of the page (next to your user name). On the default "User profile" tab, there is a section titled "Signature". In the "new signature" box, type in something like this (using your own name and gift code):

[[User:Dennis|Dennis]] ([[User talk:Dennis|talk]]) - '''11J8'''

then check the "Treat signature as wikitext" box, then click save.

[edit] Level Template

This will create a heading bar with the text 'I AM ON LEVEL (level used in template here)'.Use the code:

{{MyLevel | level=(level here)}}

Replace the (level here) with your level.

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