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[edit] Plist Hack:

Edit the NimbleBit plist file in preferences.... ...if you want to be blacklisted. However this may only occur if you try to share a LOT of parts with other players. This hack works on versions 1.0.3, 1.0.2, and 1.0.4, NOT 1.0.3. See discussion tab for more.

Internal clock: If the device's internal clock is edited, you can cause jobs to complete quicker, but resetting the time will cause the fuel to become negative. In version 1.3, a prompt appears after resetting the time "Space time distortion detected - Recalibrating trains" and your fuel is reset to 0. Even if your fuel is full and you have no jobs travelling, you will still be reverted to 0 fuel. Trains with travel time remaining before moving the time back have their time extended (it is 1:00, and you move the time forward to 2:00, there are four minutes left on a job, and you revert the time: your job will now have 1 hour and 4 minutes to compete).

[edit] Android Hacks:

A small cheats for beginners:

1. If you know a challenge with worthful crafts to be delivered, just play that day again.

How it works: Let's take Sunday the 6th of October; silver (4 coins worth each craft!) has to be delivered. Set your device's date to the 6th of October and check the challenge status in the menu page. You have to deliver the silver again. Having completed the deliveries, you get another special crate and some bux. Bonus: If you didn't change anything in your gameplay setup (no new cities), the destination city will still be the same.

2. Turn off autoupdate, so you can run special versions like "christmas" etc for an extended period. They usualy have more high value carts.

[edit] Heavy cheating for people that know what they are doing:

If you have a rooted Android device, please continue. If not, you cannot use the following method.

The needed file of the game is on your local device, not crypted, clear text

[edit] Details

Make SURE your device is rooted. Once it is rooted, the data file can be found under:


NOTE: You need to have completed all of the tutorials in order to use this method.

FIRST: Before you do anything, turn off Wi-Fi. Then, go into 'Settings -> Apps -> Downloaded -> Pocket Trains' and select "Force stop" and "Clear cache".

SECOND: Open the file location above in a text editor. Make sure you can view rooted files in whichever file explorer application you are using (I am using Root Explorer).

THIRD: Make appropriate changes using the guide below. Make sure that if you want to ensure your game file does not corrupt, save the a copy of the .xml file as a different name and then edit the original file. To ensure the file runs properly, do not keep any .xml.bak files of the same name.

FOURTH: Start up Pocket Trains. You can turn back on your WiFi now, but be sure to start the app first.

32016772: Your experience points

33: Your level

996745199: Your money

986319: Your bux

Need some crafts?

As of November 2015, this line doesn't appear to be in the shared_prefs file anymore.

Check for the entry.


840: Normal crates

992: Special crates

Wanna have another location of the running event?

Check for the entry


The cities have numbers.... 56 is Copenhagen, a complete list will come.

Just have a look:

excerpt of the file

[edit] Use multiple devices

At least with Google/Android, you can start a game but never log in to Google+. This will mean your game will not "sync", and will retain a separate Gift Code. Do not grow your empire, but try to finish each daily event with only minor extensions of the original network.

Then open the daily crate and gift selected parts to your "main" game.

If you have acquired several cheap (or not so cheap) Android devices, you can get multiple sources of parts going at once.