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Flying crate
Special crate for sale in Barcelona

To build new trains and fuel cars, you will need train parts, which are found in crates. Crates can be opened in the Parts section, and cost 10 bux each.

Crates will come in two types:

  1. Wooden-panelled 'Normal' crates, which contain normal train parts when opened. They cost 10 Bux to open and can be obtained in many ways, such as delivering Crate Cars, buying them at cities or catching them while travelling.
  2. Purple 'Special' Crates contain rare train parts when opened. These also cost 10 Bux to open, but can only be obtained through completing Daily Events, or levelling up. Special Crates can also be bought at cities when they appear.

Normal Crates can also be found while travelling between cities, flying past the train on a parachute. Tapping on them in the same manner as coins and bux adds them to your Parts menu.

Crates can sometimes show up in cities like other jobs, and delivering that job adds one normal Crate to your 'Parts' section. You cannot obtain special crates this way.

Since version 1.0.2, Crates may spawn randomly at cities (on the platform). These can be Normal or Special Crates, and cost money to buy. The formula for the cost of these Crates is (level x 400 coins) for Normal Crates and (level x 2000 coins) for Special Crates. (To a maximum price at level 20 of 8000 coins and 40000 coins, respectively).

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