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New cities need to be added in three places.

City Box Add the city to the Template:CityBox template.

City Page

The only information available for each city is the name, image, and license area.

Licenses are the areas where the cities are located: N. America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Please add the {{CityBox}} template to the bottom of the page

Please also add [[Category:City]] and the appropriate license area: [[Category:Europe]], [[Category:N. America]], [[Category:S. America]], [[Category:Africa]], [[Category:Asia]], or [[Category:Oceana]] to the description. {{Incomplete}}

City List

Cities should be listed on List of Cities by way of a galley image.

Uploading Images

All city images should be 1136px × 476px, and saved as a PNG file. The city should be screen-captured while a train is not in the station, and the bottom part should be cropped, removing the buttons and currency areas. If your image doesn't match all these desires, add {{Incomplete}} to the description.

The name of the image file should match the city exactly, including spaces and punctuation or lack thereof, plus the suffix on each version. Examples:

  • Rome.png
  • St. Petersburg.png