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All trains are represented in three places on the wiki.


[edit] Individual Train Pages

Each train should have its own page, including a full size image.

At the bottom of each train page, the train box should be added, as well as a train category:



[edit] Train List

Trains should be listed on List of Trains. The Steam Set: Emerald Steamer Vanilla Steamer Bluebell Steamer Cherry Steamer Carbon Steamer

[edit] Train Box

Trains are represented in the Template:TrainBox

[edit] Images

All train images should be taken from the Parts page, and saved as PNG files. Images should be cropped to 76px high, and as wide as needed, including 10px of padding on each side. If your image doesn't match all these desires, add {{Incomplete}}.

The all-lower case name of the file should match the train name exactly, including spaces and punctuation or lack thereof. Examples:

  • bluebell steamer.png
  • metro express.png